Privacy Policy

Jalema BV is established in Reuver (NL) and is registered in the Trade Register with the number 12059837 (hereinafter: “Jalema”). Jalema takes your privacy seriously. Jalema processes your data with the greatest possible accuracy. Please read this Privacy Statement carefully so that you know how Jalema obtains and uses your personal information.

For questions and complaints about the Privacy Policy of Jalema, please send an e-mail to our Privacy Officer through or call +31 (0)77 476 76 76. We will do our bests to help you obtain further information or data. On request, we provide insights into the personal data you have provided us with and modify or remove it if you prefer. It is also possible to receive these data in a conventional format.

Article 1 | General

1.1 For Jalema, the responsible use of date is of great importance. The personal data is carefully collected, processed and secured. In doing so, we comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Article 2 | Processing of personal data

2.1 Jalema collects personal data about you because you provide us with your data yourself if you place an order or come to an agreement with Jalema.But your data is also collected if you make use of the services of Jalema, for example if you visit the website.

If you come to an agreement with Jalema, Jalema will store your data in a file (for example: into a billing or CRM system). If you request information of Jalema, order products or make use of the offered services, Jalema asks you to enter your name, e-mail address and other relevant contact information. Jalema uses the collected information only for contacting you in the context of an ordinary customer relationship, to realize an optimal use of the Jalema-website, services and products and to keep you informed about interesting offers of the Jalema products. Jalema will take your preferences into account. You can make these preferences known during the registration procedure.

2.2 Jalema can provide your information to its affiliates and to any of its related companies who will engage into the implementation of our services. Jalema can also use service providers to process your personal data, who will act exclusively when Jalema asks them to. Next to that, Jalema will not provide any data to third parties, unless Jalema is legally obliged to do so.

Article 3 | Your rights

3.1 Jalema wants to be clear about the way they handle your personal data. This Privacy Policy wants to contribute to this. If you have any questions about the way Jalema handles your personal data, you can send a message to the Privacy Officer of Jalema.

You can reach our Privacy Officer by e-mail through or by post:

Jalema B.V.
Attn: ‘Privacy Officer’
Dr. Poelsstraat 11
5953NP Reuver
The Netherlands

3.2 If you want to know what data has been collected about you, if you want to correct your data or if you want your data to be deleted you can send an e-mail. In addition to this, you can report that you no longer want to receive offers from Jalema by e-mail or by post. Use info@jalema.comto contact Jalema about these themes. Jalema will make every effort to respond within the legal deadline.

Article 4 | Cookies & insights of your website visits

4.1 If Jalema offers electronical services, the company can use cookies and other similar technologies. Jalema uses these technologies to improve the customer experience and to be able to make advertising messages more personal.

A cookie is a file that is stored on the computer’s hard drive. Cookies are used to keep track of the preferences that the visitor of has for specific services. In addition, cookies can be used to prevent the visitor of the Jalema website from seeing a certain advertisement too often or to be able to register how often an advertisement is shown to this specific visitor. Cookies cannot damage the computer or files on the computer. If you do not accept our use of cookies, you can deactivate this function at any time in your internet browser. Here you can find an explanation of how to delete cookies.

Jalema uses ‘first-party cookies’ which Jalema places itself and ‘third-party cookies’ which are placed on our website by third parties. Some cookies have a technical background. These cookies are necessary for an optimal functioning of the Jalema services. These are the so-called “functional cookies.” In addition, Jalema uses analytical cookies to obtain information about the quality and/or effectiveness of the website.

Sometimes Jalema uses so-called ‘tracking cookies’. These are placed by a third party. This party also performs the ‘tracking’ of the data.

Sender Type Reason
Jalema Functional Keeping track of personal preferences & settings. Without these cookies it would not be possible to log in.
Google Analytics Analytical Registers characteristics of each visitor about the use of the website.
YouTube Tracking To play YouTube video’s, YouTube places tracking cookies.
Doubleclick Tracking In order to show relevant advertisement to a visitor, tracking cookies from Google Doubleclick are used.
Smartsupp chat Functional To use a chat function, Smartsupp places cookies.
Smartlook Analytical Smartlook registers the visitors use of the website.


Article 5 | Retention periods

5.1 Jalema stores personal data in accordance with our internal data retention policy and/or:

– As long as you are a customer of Jalema.

– As long as you remain interested in the services of Jalema.

– The legal obligation to store the data.

– Legitimate reasons why Jalema is allowed to store your data.

Article 6 | Modifications

6.1 Jalema reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. It is therefore recommended to check these data regularly.

Jalema BV, version 2018.1